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5 Reasons Being Sober By Choice Will Change Your Life Life Coach For Sober Curious & Alcohol-Free Women

Another day of sobriety can provide you with so many amazing opportunities to learn and grow. There will be hard days, but ultimately the positives will forever 5 Tips to Consider When Choosing a Sober Living House outweigh the negatives. All cases are different, some people may take longer to get to these realisations than I have, and some may discover them sooner.

why sobriety is better

On the flip side, sobriety can open your eyes to a toxic relationship with a partner. For some, saying no to substance abuse helps them say no to abusive or toxic relationships. Without the weight of addiction on your shoulders, you can begin to focus or refocus on personal and professional goals — instead of drugs and alcohol. Substance use disorders commonly occur alongside a mental health condition. It’s important to focus on treating both the mental health disorder and the SUD when in treatment to fully recover from both.

Mental Clarity

So, you should become sober if you want your memory to improve. As you consume more and more alcohol or drugs, you’ll likely stop eating a balanced diet altogether. Before you know it, you’ll choose not to physically take care of yourself at all.

Will I look better if I don’t drink?

Your skin will look better

Drinking less alcohol can have a positive impact on your appearance – and your skin in particular. Alcohol dehydrates your body, including the skin, and this happens every time you drink. This can cause your skin and eyes to look dull. But stopping drinking could help your skin's hydration.

And when that becomes a nightly habit, those extra calories can really start to add up. One of the most tragic parts of not being sober is losing out on precious moments in life. When you’re caught in the cycle of addiction, you won’t remember the details of important things that happen. Sadly, alcoholics tend to believe that their choice to drink doesn’t affect anyone else. They believe it’s something they choose to do, and whatever happens, they will have to deal with the consequences. Being a sober person means you practice complete abstinence from drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances.

You’ll Sleep Better

After losing her own family member to addiction, Lexi dedicated her life to helping others find the freedom they deserve. A native of Tucson, AZ., Lexi is happily married and expecting a baby. She counts one dog and a cat amongst her growing family. Certain medications, particularly those with addictive potential or those that alter mood, could affect a person’s clean or sober status.

I told myself I would do it every morning for a month and see what would happen. So, I would wake up every morning, sit on the ground in the dark in the spare room, set a timer on my phone, close my eyes and just focus on my breathing. I didn’t cross my legs because my hips are fucked from running heaps and stretching fuck all. I was lucky enough for my birthday to fall on the weekend.

Reminding Yourself That a Sober Life Is a Better Life

These could be physical discomforts like nausea, shaking, and fatigue or psychological challenges like depression, anxiety, and intense cravings. However, these can be effectively managed with the proper guidance and resources. For example, techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and relaxation exercises can be beneficial in mitigating cravings and managing withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, medications might be prescribed in some cases to alleviate physical discomfort. If you want to repair strained or broken relationships, you must approach them cautiously.