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Alternatives To Intercom: 8 Customer Communication Platforms CCM solutions

intercom blog vs zendesk

Zendesk for Sales, or Zendesk Sell, is Zendesk’s sales pipeline and CRM tool with its own dashboard for lead generation and conversion. With so many solutions to choose from, finding the right option for your business can feel like an uphill battle. Whether it’s getting set up or figuring out the best way to customize meetings href=””> for your needs, there are over 85,000 community members willing to  help. As for Intercom’s general pricing structure, there are three plans, but you’ll have to contact them to get exact prices. After an in-depth analysis such as this, it can be pretty challenging for your business to settle with either option.

Zendesk Suite 2023 Pricing, Features, Reviews & Alternatives – GetApp

Zendesk Suite 2023 Pricing, Features, Reviews & Alternatives.

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Each ticket type has a selection of attributes (similar to Help Scout’s custom fields) that the agent can fill in to provide context. For instance, if your product is a mobile app, you might have a “bug” ticket type with attributes for details like which type of phone your customer is using, iOS or Android. Historically, Intercom has also used the term conversation for their customer interactions, but they’ve recently added a new ticketing feature to the mix. One of the best things about Intercom is that it can be extended with various app integrations. This means that you don’t have to rely solely on the features and functions that Intercom provides — you can add new features, functions, and integrations to the platform as well.

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Other customer service add-ons with Zendesk include custom training and professional services. Zendesk is another popular customer service, support, and sales platform that enables clients to connect and engage with their customers in seconds. Just like Intercom, Zendesk can also integrate with multiple messaging platforms and ensure that your business never misses out on a support opportunity.

What is better than Intercom?

Olark. Best Intercom alternative for small businesses in search of a live chat solution. Olark is a live chat software system that allows you to engage with customers instantly. Website visitors can easily contact your business directly through a chatbot on your website with this live chat feature.

Teams can also improve customer success by allowing them to help themselves. The platform allows users to create branded knowledge base content and use automated bots and self-serve support tickets to make things more convenient for the user. Self-service chatbots, inbox, and customer metrics analytics turn it into advanced customer support software.

Integration with Other Tools

The only hiccup someone unfamiliar with Intercom might encounter is that the installation code is a bit hidden. Instead of being in the same area where users can customize their Messenger, it’s hidden away in the installation section of the workspace’s settings menu. Though both companies offer chat functionality, the implementation and philosophy around the service differ.

Can you use Intercom as a CRM?

Intercom is an excellent first step into the CRM world, and probably extremely suitable for your small startup. Based on personal experience, Intercom is an excellent CRM for startups looking for a solution that is more lean than a full CRM solution like Salesforce.

It gets more interesting at the paid subscriptions, but as you can see, there isn’t a nice middle step here. Now, it immediately gets quite pricey, especially for smaller businesses. The only way to get a closer look at their paid plans is by taking up one of their demos.

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Onboard and engage your users via gamified surveys, quizzes and other content types. With a variety of content blocks, including text, images, videos, games and other you can quickly create and share your flow with your audience. With a chat available in each conversation, you can discuss with colleagues for help and send files privately. You can also add anyone to a conversation by tagging them in the chat.

intercom blog vs zendesk

HubSpot Service Hub offers a range of plans to cater to different business needs. While there are some useful free tools available, more advanced features are available with the paid plans. While agents can connect Intercom with third-party ticketing software like Jira and relay information to agents, there is limited visibility on the customer side.

What are customers saying?

If you’re looking for a reliable Zendesk alternative with powerful features and an intuitive interface, then LiveAgent is worth checking out. Zendesk is a customer service and support platform that offers a variety of features, including live chat, help desk ticketing, and knowledge management. Its pricing starts at $25 per agent per month for its basic support plan.

So when I realized lots of companies actually prefer Zendesk over Intercom, I was surprised. I mean I stumbled upon this article where people from were telling why they’d switched from Intercom to Zendesk, then I saw this comparison, where Zendesk seemed to beat Intercom at the end. While doing my research for this article, I’ve not only tested both Intercom and Zendesk myself, but also read a pile of different articles, comparisons, guides, showdowns and all this kind of stuff. What really struck me though is that people seemed to like Zendesk more. Struck not in a bad way, more like in a very neutral ‘huh, this may be interesting’ way.

Software for Better Customer Relationships

Drift offers customizable chat playbooks, email automation, and access to conversation histories—all of which come together to help teams capture and convert more leads. A help desk solution, HelpCrunch focuses on ways to resolve customer issues and improve conversions. Features such as CRM, live support, e-mail marketing, shared inbox, and customizable chat widget offer important solutions to businesses.

  • The Service Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise plans have their own fees and benefits.
  • While light agents cannot interact with the customer on the ticket, they can make notes and interact privately with other team members and agents involved with the ticket.
  • Those same tools also increase customer retention by 27% while saving 23% on sales and marketing costs.
  • This way, both companies get exposed to new audiences — Zendesk through the SERP and the integration partner through Zendesk marketplace.
  • This is aided by the fact that the look and feel of Zendesk’s user interface are neat and minimal, with few cluttering features.
  • Yet, since its inauguration in 2010, Freshdesk has made many strides in improving.

What is cheaper than Zendesk?

The cloud-hosted version of JitBit is more similar to Zendesk and is ideal for small and medium businesses. However, compared to Zendesk, JitBit is much cheaper with a starting price of just under $25/month (billed annually). JitBit's cloud application does not overwhelm you with features.