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The products of the SSTEEL furniture are guaranteed for three years against structural defects not caused by incorrect use or lack of maintenance and invasive oxidation not caused by scratches or abrasions due to use. Small irregularities on the surface of the product are characteristics of the special paint used and have no impact whatsoever on the intrinsic protective quality of the product itself. Should you wish to make use of the warranty, the faulty item and the receipt must be taken back to us. The warranty disclaims any liability for damage to property or injuries to people resulting from incorrect use of the product. The warranty does not include any type of service or repair for the product or its damaged parts.

SSTEEL furniture are not warranted against wear and tear or damage resulting from neglect, abuse, incorrect use, pets, high temperatures, exposure to sunlight and wet area, chemical treatments, accidents, or improper storage, care, or cleaning. Please visit Care & maintainence tab in our website.

SSTEEL does not warrant the following:

– The natural darkening of wood finish or the contraction, expansi on, or other changes of wood materials resulting from variations in temperature or moisture.

– Rusting or tarnishing of metal materials resulting from abrasive scratches.

– Stains or changes in color or texture of marble and stone materials.

– Small air bubbles, surface waviness, or light pitting on glass and mirror materials.

– Normal fading, pilling, shading, wrinkling, shrinkage, stretching, wear, and color loss of fabrics and leathers.

– Minor differences between your furniture and in-store samples, printed materials, and video or internet displays.